Continuation Tests

Continuation tests begin in iTester, then saved to USB. The test is completed in CADLAB using Tester.  Students may need to contact the teacher to set up a test for continuation.


1. Refreshing the continuation status. Go to this page to refresh the continuation list in you browser. (Otherwise iTester will follow the old (cont) status held in the browser's cache. For example, 10207_Trusses (cont) is continuable, and when Tester is run it will show the status as "Continuation Allowed"

2. The test should not be completed. You must leave at least 1 question to do in class. Current versions of iTester will remove the FIRST question in a completed test so that Tester can carry on where iTester left off. (This is only a problem when there are no multiple choice questions: i.e. all numerical calculation questions)


Saving the Test at Home...

1. Open  iTester as per usual and run a test. (in studymode)
2. Do as much of the test as you like (without finishing it), then press END. 
3. Press "Save to USB" button.

(If this button is greyed out, it is not a continuation test).
4. Enter your student number, OK. Then enter your first and last names.
(This is required to ensure a match when you continue the test in class.)
5. Make up a name (Like the name of the test for example!) and save it somewhere on your USB drive. (Like in a folder called "Continuation Tests" for example). It will be saved as a text file so you don't have to write ".txt" at the end. 
You now have an encrypted file on your USB which contains test results, student info, time used, etc.  Example > WNUNNtnF/WD4mkRNOl7fer74TxWzIkYwZyLdJMnUiTg

Continuing the Test in Class...

1. Open Tester and log in. (as you would when doing a test in exam mode). Make sure it is the SAME test as on your USB!
2. Press CONTINUE (instead of GO).
3. Open the file on your USB drive.
As soon as you press Open the test will run. You have whatever time is left from your USB file.


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