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Enrol in the Diploma of Mechancial Engineering. Once you get there you have the option to continue in the Advanced Diploma. Enrolled students are issued a student number to log in for online assessments.

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Build something...

Students begin the IET Robot Challenge from their first day on the CAD program. Not only do they learn Inventor and make parts on CNC machines, but they gain experience with sensors and microprocessor control.

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Build something more serious...

Advanced Diploma students undertake industrial projects of all shapes and sizes. Some involve advanced feedback and control systems such as this two wheel balancing robot. Others projects become part of a manufacturing line.

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Fees are calculated over the entire course*. It is the same price regardless of how many units you enrol each semester. Students who are part-way through their course will pay a proportion for the number of nominal hours remaining in their units.


From Certificate 3 > Diploma > Advanced Diploma

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The Certificate 3 is subsidised and well-priced, so it is the logical starting point for all new students - whether you are straight from school or already have a job. Trade qualified students can often get some credits.

The first 10 units gives a Certificate 3, the next 10 units converts this into a Diploma (20 units), and another 10 units achieves an advanced Diploma (30 units).

It is cheaper to do C3 first, then select your final course.


*What happens if you fail a subject?

Failing a unit may cost you money, eventually. The scheme is currently being finalised, but it is likely to end up something like this:

Paying for whole course gives student one attempt at each unit. If they fail a unit (even after re-sitting exams or re-submitting assignments before the final cut-off date), then they will (usually) be permitted to repeatt the unit in the next available schedule. If they do not pass the unit on the second attempt, the unit will be charged to the student for the third attempt.

New Version Calculator for Cert 3, Diploma & Whatever

Can-Completer-Auto-57.xlsm Instantly calculate from EBS data (from teacher). This Excel spreadsheet contains macros, so you must enable macros when opening it. Features...;

  • Detects data as Cert 3, 4 Diploma etc and loads appropriate course rules
  • Checks and tallies each group according to packaging rules (in both units and hours)
  • Tolerates duplicate records including multiple AC's in same unit, blank entries etc.
  • Lists wasted (excess) units that do not count towards completion
  • Indicates the number of units required (or available) in each group towards completion
  • Checks pre-requisites (added 20150305)
  • Students can test course completion by adding "to do" on selected units
  • Fixed to read extra column ramdomly added in latest EBS update (20151202)

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